sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2012

You Get What You Focus On

by Joe A. Martin, Ed.D.

Here’s some food for thought. If you want results, walk any problem you’re having through this scenario for better answers:

Focus 5% on what you fear and 95% on getting educated and skilled to face it.

Focus 5% on the problem and 95% on the spiritual solution.

Focus 5% on the mistake and 95% on learning from it.

Focus 5% on who to blame and 95% on making sure to heal.

Focus 5% on the conflict and 95% on a win-win resolution.

Focus 5% on what to do and 95% on enjoying the process.

Focus 5% on your prayers and 95% on your faith in God and yourself.

Focus 5% on reading this and 95% on applying it.

You get what you focus on. So be careful.

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