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How to achieve a New year’s resolution to learn a language: turn it into a mission

By Benny

Happy New Year!!

Four years ago I made a New Year’s resolution to never ever make New Year’s resolutions again, and I have stuck to it! The reason? I almost never kept to the resolution. I’d join the gym, and go just a few times and then get lazy, and stop, or I wouldn’t last a week past “giving up” TV etc. It just wasn’t working.

This doesn’t mean that I’ve remained stagnant in the last 4 years and not improved myself. Quite the contrary! I’ve found a method that works much better for me for achieving my goals, and of course I never limit it just to the first few weeks of the year.

So if you’ve made a new year’s resolution to learn French/Spanish etc. then maybe this approach may help you so that you actually achieve that goal...

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