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Phone Interview in English

How to conduct a job interview in English?

The advice is listed in the order you will need it:  before, after and during the call. We have also included a sample interview dialogue with key words.

Before the call
1.  Print your English resume
2. Print your English resume and highlight key words
3. Practice saying your strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments in English
4. Write your list of answers to interview questions
5. Practice an English interview with a friend

During the call
1. Listen carefully and speak calmly and clearly
2. Write the key English words that the interviewer uses to describe the job requirements
2. Use the same key English words in your answers
4. Repeat the question in your answer to confirm understanding of the English used

After the call
1. Write a thank you email.
2. Make a list of English words the interviewer used that you would like to use
3. Check the meaning of these words in a dictionary to be confident of how to use them
4. Plan your next English interview: face-to-face

Sample Q&A Dialogue
Q:  Could you give an example of a problem you took care of in your last job?
A:  In my last company we had a very difficult financial period.
Q:  And how did you handle it?
A:  I negotiated repayment plans with many vendors.

Q: Can you tell me your strengths?
A: I think my greatest strengths are my time management and organization skills.
Q: How would you describe your weaknesses?
A: My one weakness is my desire for perfection which can be unrealistic.

Q: What are you looking for in this position?
A: I am looking for a challenge.
Q: Tell me why you think we should hire you?
A: I have the skills for this job and more than then years of experience.
Q: How would you describe yourself?
A: I would describe myself as loyal, hard working and a team player.

Source: http://www.qgroupplc.com/category/phoneinterview

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