quinta-feira, 4 de setembro de 2014

The Adventures of Alfie in Berlin

By Alfredo Saraiva JR.

I’ve arrived in Berlin on Saturday (12th) around 11 a.m., my first impression about the city could be bad, because that Airport didn't  match with the greatness of the city, and even less with the Western Europe, but I got out of the Airport and began to see the city.

I went to the Hotel by Bus, it was really incredible and confortable, you can bring your luggage with you inside the bus.

The route was very fast, around 10/15 minutes ‘till the Hotel. I was staying at the Mélia Hotel, at the corner with the River and the Museum Island, simply amazing. Of course, even tired, I gave a ride around the neighborhood to make the first acknowledgement of the city and I went to Brandenburg Tor. indeed, I was very anxious for this moment….lol…What can I say? Man, It’s so wonderful, everything is huge, the place, the surrounding, the street, the garden behind, you know, that kind of feeling that can take yor breath away...it was like that. I still had strength to walk ‘till Postdamer Platz, see some parts of the wall over there and I took a million of photos and, of course, I had my first German sausage with potatoes salad over there….lolol….

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