quarta-feira, 3 de setembro de 2014

Ode to the stutterer

by Daniele Garcia

Look at that girl:
The stutterer girl
The stupid speech
The certain joke.

Look at the stutterer:
The bully's target
The clunky kid
The shut up mouth.

Look at the child:
Waiting for the growth
Dreaming in French
Getting up in silence.

Look at that girl:
Meeting another stutterer
Collecting judgements
Growing through this life.

Look at this girl:
Telling stories slowly
Sharing her dread
Challenging her ghosts.

Now look at this singer:
Strong on the main stage
Powerful on the piano
Tricking her brain.

Sing your song, girl:
Give us your speech
Make all of us stutter...
Make all of us shut up!

Based on the TED lecture

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