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How to Read English Fast

By Bobby Suds

Whether you are a high school teacher, business executive or Hollywood producer, chances are you have to read many documents. Naturally, you want to maximize your time so that you can take in large quantities of information as quickly as possible. Learning to read English fast is a difficult process that takes concentration and patience. However, once you master the skill, you will become a more productive worker and have extra time to finish your other tasks.

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Decide what information you want from the document. To prepare for any difficult task, you must always focus. The same goes for reading English quickly. Before you begin, think about why you are reading the book or paper. If you're a teacher grading an essay, are you searching for proper grammar or thematic ideas? If you're an executive reading an advertising proposal, are you simply looking for key visuals and taglines? Figuring out your purpose beforehand will help you scan the document for essential facts.

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Read more words in a block. English text can be broken up into groups, or "blocks" of words. When you read, you more than likely scan blocks of words at a time as opposed to one word individually. To increase your reading pace, include more words in a block. One way to do this is to hold the book or document further away from your eyes than you normally do. You can also time yourself. First, figure out how many words you read at a time. If four words constitute a block for you, time how long it takes you to finish a 100-word paragraph. Practice with other paragraphs of the same length and try to get your time down. When you start finishing faster, that means you are picking up a few extra words in each block.

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Stop the least amount of times as possible. To read English fast, your brain has to get into a natural rhythm or groove. Each author has a particular cadence with her words. When you stop to re-read a sentence or become preoccupied with a word block, you disrupt your own rhythm. Try to limit the amount of times you stop. If you are confused by a sentence, keep reading anyway and see if you can glean the information from subsequent paragraphs.

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Use an instrument. Your reading rhythm will also be broken if you lose your place in the document. To avoid this interruption, use a tool to help guide you. With a pen, bookmark or your index finger, follow each line of text.

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Read as often as you can. Your brain is like any other muscle: if you want to make it stronger, you have to exercise it more. To read English quicker, pick up a book or magazine whenever you can. If you're stuck waiting in the doctor's office, read a health pamphlet. Wherever you are, keep your technique in mind. Don't go back to bad habits of stopping, re-scanning or reading small blocks.

Source: http://www.ehow.com/how_7511694_read-english-fast.html

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