quinta-feira, 12 de julho de 2012

People always learn from their mistakes.

By a Anonymus Reader

Life has many challenges, people differ in their potentials of facing problems when they run of one of them. While some people have abilities to deal with problems and to learn from some of their mistakes, in the other hand, others don't have any ability to learn from mistakes they have done throughout their life. Therefore, I disagree strongly people always learn from their mistakes for number of reasons.

First, who doesn't make any mistake or even repeat it more than one times? I believe humans absolutely can't be perfect, so, being right all the time is kind of impossible as being completely learned from mistakes is impossible too. I want to assure that everybody will have done a mistake, and one day, he would blame himself because he should have learned from his mistake. To be honest there is some people, who are aware always but as I said they can't definitely be perfect.

Second, humans mostly follow their instincts, so, when they listen to voice of instinct, as a matter of fact, they ignore the voice of mind, Being a mistaken is a result of a lack of planning. Furthermore,people don't have a clear vision can describe precisely what they have to do, so, they will fall in problems and do mistakes many times following our instincts as fact of the humans nature.

As a conclusion, I believe extremely that we can not ever avoid falling in the mistakes. The conceptions that writers in their books talk about such as; how to be perfect, or how can you learn from your mistakes in five minutes, is sort of fantasy because we can't really be alike. Also, we can't make sure that we will not repeat the same mistake we already did.

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