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Make Learning English Interesting and Fun

Author: Amber

For an ESL student learning can sometimes be challenging but there are many ways to make it more interesting and fun and still continue to learn at the same time. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Most people get really uptight when they know they have to learn English – particularly if they are a student or a business person who is learning as they go – while going to school or trying to do a new job. That can be really daunting.

You can make it much easier for yourself if you start using online sources that assist you and all you have to do is sit at home on your own computer. So take the challenge out of your learning and start using some of the activities that will help you immensely.

Just like teachers give quizzes and other tests to their students you can take these online without the pressure of getting a good score and it will be fun as well. These tests are in the style of word games or word puzzles that can be multiple choice or fill in the blank and as you score better and better you go on to the next level of challenges. These types of activities are also ideal for learning slang expressions, proverbs and other things like learning synonyms or antonyms but often in topics that are more appealing than a classroom style.

Some of the tests involve pictures so that you can match the word with the picture. Others test your vocabulary with nouns, adjectives, verbs, colors and numbers and days of the week or the month. These are subjects that you will encounter every day and the more you do these exercises the more familiar you will become making you learn English but in a much more interesting and fun way!

Source: http://www.learning-english.ca/make-learning-english-interesting-and-fun/

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