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Learning New Material in Your English Studies

Author: Amber

When learning a second language, it always seems like a non-stop battle between new material, and what you have always been doing with speech and grammar. Much of the material that is presented to you seems unorganized, confusing, and many times, there is almost too much of it to handle. There are two major things you need to have to learn English as a second language; patients, and keeping an open mind. These two key items will help keep you relaxed and realize that you won’t be able to understand everything at once.

It takes practice, patients, almost stubbornness to pick up English. If you remain clam, realize that everything won’t make sense at first, and keep an open mind to the language, give it time it will make sense. With patients, if you keep plugging away at what you don’t understand very well, ask questions, and can connect pieces of a grammar puzzle, then English will eventually make sense. Taking breaks, and having a slow steady approach to grammar, and taking information one bit at a time can have a much greater effectiveness than trying to plow through everything, in which you will most likely just be banging your head against a wall shortly after.

Patience isn’t the only element you will need to master your new English material. Keeping an open mind is just as important. Without patience, an open mind is just a room with two open doors, information goes in, and right back out again. If you possess the patience to keep plugging away at an issue that bothers you, then keeping an open mind will help you to understand that English is different from all the other languages. Seeing grammar differences can help someone understand similarities between the languages, and makes those similarities much easier to understand.

It really is hard to talk about one without the other. Patience and an open mind work hand in hand together to help you understand English. The two complement each other very well, and both are requirement in order to understand and comprehend what one is saying in the English language.

English is among the most difficult languages to pick up, especially for living in America. There are so many slang terms and secondary languages built into English, it could almost be considered a whole other language by itself. Nobody ever said learning English would be an easy task, but with an open mind and patience, the English language can be mastered.

Source: http://www.learning-english.ca/learning-new-material-in-your-english-studies/

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