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Just in case?

Attendance in a course is something very important for one progresses and it demands a lot of discipline and responsibility. Unfortunately, those skills are not innate gifts; therefore, they need to be developed in order to help students to become learners.

As you all know, only learners of the language can master and manage better their success in their studies, however, not all students can be turned into learners as most of them seek a short-cut, an easy way to get what they want; thus, they usually head to a dead-end where they will have no other choice than return to the beginning of their journey and start everything over.

One might be misinterpreted if they start talking about the students’ lack of discipline and responsibility, mainly when it comes to a course which is paid by their company. It is known that when someone has to pay for their own studies, they get it more serious than otherwise. Of course, there are exceptions.

Needless to say that those students, who fail to attend the classes, wanted to study when they enrolled at the course, however, as the time passes, most of them realize that studying that subject was not their priority, therefore, it can be let in standby until they have time to return to it. The question remained is: why don’t they call their teacher to tell it so?

They don’t call their teacher because they think mistakenly that as the course is already paid, they don’t have to waste their time to let the teacher or the school know that they will be absent and so on and so further. By not doing that they make it clear that their course is not important, neither are their teachers.

This lack of respect could have been avoided if those students had had the decency of calling their human resource and warned them about their course abandonment and given their vacancies to somebody else who needs this opportunity. But no, they prefer to keep their teachers and courses waiting for them, just in case, just in case they need it someday.

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