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How to Improve Your English Level

By Steven Starry 

There are five points, number 1 is the most important.

5) Make English your hobby and have fun! 

Study at least two or three hours per week. 
Learn English through other activities: 
Reading – there are graded books in English for your level. 
Internet – begin with the activities on this website and on the links page.
Songs in English - take your favorite songs, download the lyrics (the words) from Google and sing them again and again until your neighbors scream: STOP!!”.
DVDs – many films are also in English with subtitles in your language.
Magazines – there are specialized magazines for English students. 
Travel – travel motivates you to improve your level because you need English for everything.

4) Be constant! Don’t stop for long periods of time such as in the summer and don’t do too much! It is also important to study at least 3 hours every week. To progress very well, you should study at least 5 hours per week.

3) Be as disciplined and organized as possible with your classes! 
Free conversation is necessary and so is more controlled speaking (in practice activities in class). However, it is better to balance conversation with other activities in your classes or outside of your classes. In a "one-to-one" class, you should do all of the homework, reading and vocabulary studying outside of your class and then comment on the homework in the class. It is very important for you to do the homework that your teacher assigns you and it is very important for you to be punctual to your classes.

2) Get a teacher or attend a class! 
It’s easier to be constant, disciplined and organized if you have a teacher. It’s more difficult to study English alone. Also, it is more difficult to learn how to “speak” English if you don’t have an English teacher to speak with.

1) It is your responsibility to reach (to get) your objectives! 
Learning English is your responsibility and not the responsibility of your teacher. You must have initiative in your classes! The teacher cannot learn or study English for you. For example, you often have to study and learn vocabulary alone.
With point number one, you will develop all of the other points. If you apply these five points with long-term motivation, you will learn English or any language. Put simply: if you spend more time studying, you will learn more. If you are very interested, you will continue studying.

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