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Cultural Lesson: Easter

To Christians, Easter Sunday is the day that Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days of being dead. Like Christmas. Easter is celebrated by non-Christians; clearly, for many, the religious significance has been lost. Instead of being a religious celebration, these days, it's all about eating chocolate and having a good time.

Easter coincides with spring when we're surrounded with signs of re-birth. Images such as bunnies and Easter eggs are associated with Easter.

On Easter Sunday people exchange chocolate eggs and children traditionally decorate eggs in bright colors; children also hunt for hidden eggs.

Easter and the holidays that are related to it are known as moveable feasts, they are not on fixed dates, instead the date changes each year; however, Easter is always on a Sunday.

Is Easter celebrated in your country? What do you do?

1. rose

2. significance

3. associated

4. exchange

5. decorate

6. hunt

7. bunnies

Using the numbers next to the key words, match them to their definitions below.

· Search:

· To give something to someone and receive something from them:

· To have become alive again:

· Importance:

· Connected:

· Rabbits:

· To add something to an object to make it more attractive:

Check the right answer on your dictionary or on the link below:

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