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A Good English Foundation

"If you're interested, you'll do what's convenient; if you're committed,
you'll do whatever it takes."
John Assaraf

Do you know what the word "Intool" means?

If you look up, you might find it or not. However - don't worry- on this
newsletter, I will give the meaning of this word.

During a class this week, I realized that most people receive our
newsletters, however, they don't read it. It supposed to surprise me, but I have never expected that those newsletters would be read by all; quite the opposite, I have always known that these newsletters are written and read by learners and learners only. The students would probably save it on a file that will never be opened or delete it straight way.

Perhaps I have forgotten to explain to those who don't read it that these
"articles" are part of their course, part of the process of turning them
from students to learners. Perhaps, they can blame on me. Perhaps...

However, the reason why I keep sending it and I won't stop is that I really
believe that someday they will find their learning grit and with it they
will comprehend that learning English is not just the classes and the
content of a grammar or vocabulary book, moreover, learning English is to
build a good foundation.

A foundation is a part of a structure of a building that is below the ground
and supports the rest of it. It is the most basic part of the English
learning process from which the rest of it develops. When you have a good,
solid foundation, it is easier to master your study for good.

Building a good foundation is the first step taken to learn something. Those
newsletter are the foundation of our course from which the rest of your
learning develops.

Nobody is born committed, but commitment is essential when you are studying
anything, not just a second language. The newsletters empower you to get it,
intool you to have a good kick off and continue on. Intool ??? What does it
mean? Stay put and calm down, we are getting there.

The aim of our school is not teaching you English only, but helping you to
learn how to learn anything. It is an invitation for a journey and your
destination is the autonomy. You can learn on your own and we can help you
with that, you only need to take the first step: build your foundation and
believe the intool is the best way to learn and master your English. Intool
again??? Hey there, please keep reading...

If you are a learner - no matter your level - you have read until here. If
you are a learner, you have tried to understand the text by looking up the
complicated words in the dictionary or have tried to guess the meaning by
the context, however, if you have got this far, it means that no matter how
difficult it was, you have just kept going on and on and further:

For you and for you only, I will reveal the secret of all learning
processes: intool!

Do you know what intool means?

It is Never TOO  Late learning to learn!!!

This is the new concept being taught in all universities in Europe. This is
the new concept being taught even in China to help the Chinese to master
English in a very fast way. INTOOL is the new concept in education and it is
the core of your Frank Experience.

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