quinta-feira, 9 de outubro de 2014

The Adventures of Alfie in Berlin Part III

I started my ride after the Parliament for the “Platz Der Replublik”, indeed,  it is a simple garden without flowers, just some trees and grass, what really worth over there is the all sight of the Parliament building.

After that, I crossed the street after post this garden and I started my journey at the “Tiergarten”, this one a real garden, or rather a park, I’m not sure, but it should be the lungs of the city, because it’s really huge. The first building that I saw in the middle of trees was an Olympic cauldron, I honestly can’t tell you if it really was, but it looked like one….lolol…A little bit forward, I’ve found the “Haus Der Kulturen Welt”, the place is very beautiful, there are a kind lake in front of the construction, the building resembles a concert hall. But, the biggest and best surprise I had when I crossed the lake and walked around the building, It had a sort of balcony that overlooked to the Spree River and downstairs there was a bar with a gorgeous people, good humored, of course, that I stopped over there for a little time to take some beer and eat a sausage…lol…So I’ve followed my way around the Tiergaten searching the “Siegessaule”, a statue in front of the Brandenburg Tor, in the middle of the Tiergarten. I arrived for the left side of the River, with a wonderful Palace called “Bellevue Palace” which they told me it was the official residence of the German President, any time I will ask for him….lolol…when I turned left I could see the “Siegessaule”, a wonderful statue, huge, well preserved and surrounded by great monuments, a really beautiful place. To get closer to the statue you have to cross through underground galleries, clean and with interactive panels.

Still on Sunday, I am sure you can realise that it was a huge and interesting day….lolol….after the visit of the “Siegassaule”, I sat down on stairs to plan my next destination, so I’ve decided to cross the “Tiergaten” through the “Fasaneriealle”, an wonderful diagonal alley that it finished on the Zoo-Aquarium Berlin. It was sunset and the day it was very bright and sunny, the ride became even more pleasant, The Alley was very interesting, a lot of statues and even dedications like to Michael Jackson for example. At the end of the Alley, in front of the exit of the park is the “Spanische Botschaft”, a gorgeous place and, the best, on the other side of the Consulate I found my first “Biergarten” in Berlin, I had only seen in Munich, of course, I did a stopped over there to enjoy the local customs. Then I went back to my way, crossed a bridge over a river, that honestly I didn’t know the name, but I think to be an arm of the Spree River, by the way, an interesting place because the bridge is divided, and a part belongs to the Zoo and another not. 

After the bridge, I turned to the left, walked around part of the Zoo and ended the day making my first contact with the famous “Kurfürstendamm”, where all the luxury brands of the world are. The place is very beautiful, the street is well wooded and pretty much elegant. I was there for some time (I’ll speak better about this place), I got in to know the KaDeWe and then, for the first time in Berlin, I took the Underground (the “Tube” over there) going back to my local home….lolo….

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