sexta-feira, 8 de agosto de 2014

How to Improve Your Listening

It is quite simple, you just need some discipline and a little bit of effort. How?

1. Watch a lecture or a presentation in English - no subtitles. It is not necessary to know the subject by heart. Don't try to pay attention to unknown words, just get the main context. Give yourself a rate: from 1 to 10 related to your understanding.

2. Watch the same lecture again. This time, pay attention to intonation and the reaction of the public. If they are laughing, it is probably a joke related to the topic or something cultural that even if you had the vocabulary, there would be a slightly chance that you wouldn't be able to understand. Bear in mind, that accent, intonation and pronunciation can affect your understanding rather than vocabulary. Give yourself another rate and see if there is any improvement.

3. Research vocabulary and data related to the topic of the lecture. You will need it for the next step.

4. Now, you are ready to watch the lecture with subtitles in English. Afterwards, give yourself again a rate. Check out and compare your numbers and if you had any increase, it means that you have learned all you need to improve your listening: studying and practicing!

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