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Why is English So Hard to Learn?

By John Janson

In order for you to be able to make yourself understood, and to understand other people too, it necessary to COMMUNICATE. This is the basis of all relationships, whether personal or professional. If you reside in a country like US, where practically everyone speaks English, then it is important that you speak English fluently. Learning to speak a language is a very important part of making yourself comfortable in the place that you live in. And in the US, English is important so you are expected to speak in English. Yet, there are so many groups that do not speak English and this in turn creates a lot of disharmony with the people around. And why? Only because they cannot understand each other. How can a Hispanic understand a Chinese, unless they meet on common ground. And this common ground is the language. And English is one language that universal and is adapted by most people all over the world. Yet there are people in the US who don't take an interest in learning it.

Now if you have decided to make an effort and learn English the there are some things that you could do. Don't be under that false belief that English is a tough language. It is not. And in a country like the US, it becomes even simpler. Because almost everyone speaks English and this way you get to hear those familiar words frequently. And due to the frequency, you actually can pick up so many simple words without any problem. You are basically placed in an environment that is so conducive and supportive. Everywhere you go, people speak the language. If you feel that you do not have the right kind of people or surroundings, then ensure that you place yourself among English speaking pros and create the right kind of setting as in where you can pick up the language fast.

To get better at English, you need to find a co-operative candidate or friend that will be willing to speak in English with you, and that too on a daily basis. You don't even have to spend a penny. Every time you visit a store, just push yourself to speak a few monosyllables and words, feeling no shyness. Get comfortable in speaking this new language, and you will be surprised how kind greengrocers and storekeepers are. They will actually assist you and correct you. When you go home, stand in front of the mirror and try speaking in the same accent and forming sentences of your own. You will soon realize how much you have picked up, without a sweat.

If you want to learn English instantly, then I suggest you get some audio and visual aids to help you. Get some DVDs that help you learn English. They have a constructive and quick course to help you. But remember, you still need to go out and make sure that you find the courage to speak and exchange words with other folks who know the language well. The more you speak, the more you will master it.

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